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Capability-building Project Partnership

Every project is an opportunity for learning and capability-building. Service providers can provide additional value to clients, and also reduce their own heavy lifting, by taking a capability development focus in their project delivery.

This works by having providers and members of the client team actively working together to solve specific aspects of project delivery. When an opportunity arises to introduce a new tool, or develop a new skill, participants may elect to pause project progress and spend time instead developing a new capability.

Typically, providers are more heavily involved at the outset of the project. This is because:

  1. The provider typically has more capability to assess the new situation, and bring appropriate approaches and frameworks to the table while the nature of the project is more uncertain.
  2. There is a wider range of basic capabilities and shared understandings that need to be developed at the outset of the project.

As the project progresses, the client can become increasingly independent, with the provider role being reduced to one of periodic or ad hoc support.