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Collaborating with the crowd

Collaborating with the crowd

Collaborating with the CrowdIn keeping with our pledge of getting more brilliant minds involved with Epic Collaboration, we are running our second Melbourne event, Collaborating with the Crowd, on the evening of June 26. The night will be a series of lightning talks on collaboration, mixed with a digitally-enhanced world cafe format.

Speaking at the event will be Stephen Johnson (Altitud3), George Samuels (Hub Melbourne) and Kirsten Larsen (Open Food Foundation). During their five-minute speech, each speaker will discuss how they’ve approached collaboration in the past. There will also be opportunities for the speakers, the Epic Collaboration team and attendees to network, share ideas and talk about how we plan on making the impossible possible.

We landed on the more interactive digitally-enhanced world cafe format to deliberately get participants involved with the event (and Epic Collaboration). Capturing and remixing participant submissions will add more perspectives to the overall story of collaboration, and allow us to glean more learnings and spot opportunities for Epic Collaboration library items. As such, we’d suggest participants bring smart phones and tablets along so that you can fully experience the event. (Plan ahead and make sure it’s charged up!)

100% of the event proceeds will go back into Epic Collaboration, to help the initiative grow and develop. The event will be hosted by Collabforge in partnership with Collaboratory Melbourne, sponsored by Hub Melbourne.

Head here for more info and to book tickets.