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Altitud3 is a decentralised marketing and social business design consultancy built on crowdsourcing principles. We are an agile, digitally connected global network of creative, technical and strategic talent. At its core, Altitud3 is an ideas incubator and catalyst for social impact, mobilising the brightest minds in the world to develop innovative solutions to complex business problems for our clients and partners.

Our process blends insightful research, innovative strategic thinking and conceptually-driven execution to deliver award-winning solutions for our clients, nurturing communities which drive brand advocacy, product innovation and sales.

Most importantly, Altitud3 are experts at helping businesses navigate industries in-transition, otherwise known as the 'rapidly evolving consumer landscape empowered by social media'. This is made possible via the collaboration of like minds; the many designers, technologists, strategists and dynamic collective of passionate people who share a common vision to live and work sustainably.

Specialties: Social Business Design, Social CRM, Sustainable Commerce, Business Innovation

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Company Size: 1-10 employees

Founded: 2009