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Collabforge is a purpose-driven collaboration and innovation specialist, with a commitment to capability-building and public sector transformation. We work with leading experts to bring the power of collaboration and innovation to a range of organisational challenges and opportunities.
“Collabforge occupies a niche in the market that is new and emerging. None of the bigger players yet “get” this space, whereas Collabforge has a profound understanding of both how people (communities, businesses, government) collaborate and how this is best achieved online.”
John McGee, Director, Digital Futures,
Tasmania Department of Economic Development Tourism & the Arts
Our unique capability stems from our deep understanding of how people work together in both small and large numbers, and how this can be supported and augmented through technology. Collaboration and innovation are not commodities that can be bought and plugged in, but are the result of cultures and practices that must be cultivated strategically.
Through 8 years and over 300 projects, Collabforge has developed the integrated capabilities needed to reliably make innovation and collaboration happen at scale:
  • Program: Designing and delivering the services, models and practices that drive results
  • Platform: Developing and implementing fit-for-purpose collaboration technologies
  • Community: Establishing, growing and maintaining network engagement and productivity
We partner with our clients to understand their unique context, and help them maintain a healthy program, platform and community following our engagement with them. Through our open and collaborative approach, and our passionate dedication to see people succeed in their work together, we have a track record of turning big visions into real outcomes.
We count among our strengths:
  • Strategic community building and support
  • Public sector innovation expertise and experience
  • Scalable collaboration that delivers impact and business value
  • Collaboration and innovation capability building
  • Team building, establishment and mentoring
  • Facilitated workshops and user-centred design
  • Collaboration technology design, development and strategies for adoption
  • Innovation strategy, knowledge and networks